Entrance Construction

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Greetings to everyone! I have received a letter from DelDOT explaining the current construction, on John J. Williams Highway East of me, is now coming directly to me and will continue down to Mt. Joy Road.  This work is slotted to begin Monday March 14, 2022.  the length of time this project will take is unknown. It would be safe to say “buckle up this could take a while”. We, as citizens of Sussex County, desperately need the expansion that is taking place on our main road. The County has grown to the point the roads can no longer be ignored. I am grieved to say, I am aware our society no longer tolerates one another like we used to.  This construction will create new obstacles and challenges for all of us.  I am making you aware of the changes to make everyone aware to please be patient and kind to one another, whether coming or going.  These changes will benefit all of us. Anger, frustration, inpatient and lack of respect for each other will always lead to circumstances we wish would have never happened. We are happy to be here for you and your pet, please arrive alive.  We are happier talking to you and not about.