As a pet owner, your pet is family not just a dog/cat.  It is common to be apprehensive and feel anxiety during your search for the right kennel.  You should research each kennel, get referrals from people who have actually used a kennel, and do a tour of the facility.   You need to be sure the facility you have chosen, is what you want and you are comfortable, your pet will sense your anxiety and will become stressed immediately when you drop them off.

Our facility is coated inside with a polyurea and polyaspartic paint by Penntek® through Pinnacle Concrete Coatings that covers the floor, epoxy paint covers the walls and ceiling.  These products help to make the concrete non-porous to keep odors down and germs to a minimum.  Our staff works extremely hard to ensure a clean, dry and climate controlled living space for each pet. We serve distilled water to prevent dysentery.  Our facility is climate controlled.  Each pen is approximately 8 foot long and 4 foot wide inside and 6 foot long and 4 foot wide outside on the North Wing and 8 foot long 4 foot wide inside 4 foot wide 4 foot long outside the South Wing.

When our pets are placed in any environment, veterinarian hospital, grooming shop or kennel, they will be scared.  That is normal.

As a precaution, for your pet and my staff, we will ask anyone interested in overnight boarding to first do a daycare stay.  This will reassure us and your pet, that we are a right fit.

Our boarders are exercised and this does help them to calm down to a degree.  But your pet is never fully at rest until they are back in their home environments.  Our staff is compassionate and caring and want to protect and serve you and your pet.  We alert each other of any concerns we may see during their stay.  Please understand it is common to see lethargy two to three days after your pet has returned home.  Your pet is resting and at complete peace when back in their familiar surroundings.

Please be as open and honest about your pets behavior to prevent any misunderstandings when they are socialized.  It is important for the staff to know your pet to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

Please bring a copy of their current vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian which includes, Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella  for dogs and Rabies and Distemper for cats.  You are welcome to bring bedding, up to 2 toys per pet and something that smells like you. However, please do not bring anything you do not want soiled or destroyed.  We cannot be responsible for damaged or lost toys and bedding so please do not bring anything you cannot live without.

Please bring food for the duration of your stay. We feed two (2) times a day and also give treats.  Our treats consist of Blue Dog Bakery® dry biscuits and Merrick® grain free soft treats. If you forget food or do not bring enough food we can accommodate you. (Please view our Prices page for detailed feed menu and costs) We realize your pet can be sensitive to any food change so let us know if our menu is NOT good for your pet. We provide distilled water daily, not well water nor public water.

We would love to provide boarding services for your pet BUT we may not be the right kennel for you.  Please let us know during your tour or phone conversation and we will be glad to refer you to local facilities we know and trust.