Day Care Definition

Most of our clients enjoy the idea of having a day of shopping or spending the day with their family and friends. Knowing their pet will be exercised and cared for.  Day Care versus over night boarding; our staff will take them out more and play ball, frisbee and let them wade in the kiddie pool.  Weather permitting.

Day Care services are especially beneficial for your new puppy.  It is a good practice to allow your puppy to come and interact with others to encourage healthy socialization.  This can lead to a well rounded adult dog.

Or for the more spunky and over active dogs, adult or puppy, it is an opportunity to burn up some penned up energy.

Day Care Hours Summer: May 31 Through October 1

Monday – Friday

7 AM – 11 AM Drop Off

4 PM – 6 PM Pick Up

No Saturdays No Sundays

Day Care Hours Winter: October 2 Through May 30 

Monday – Saturday

7 AM – 11 AM Drop Off

4 PM – 6 PM Pick Up

No Sundays

Day Care Rates and requirements:


Dogs Only

  1. 1 Dog – $22
  2. 2 Dogs – $29
  3. 3 Dogs – $34
  4. 4 Dogs – $38

When utilizing day care services, please make sure we have a copy of your pet’s current records on file.

We will provide bedding.

If you would like us to feed your pet during their stay, please bring the necessary food.

For our frequent flyers, we offer the pre-purchase of 18 days and receive 2 days free Day Care Services only.  The prepaid days cannot be combined with any other services we provide.  This valuable option is to be used within 30 days of purchase.

We are so grateful for your interest in our Daycare Services.  However, please make sure to schedule your days in advance to ensure your pets opportunity to come.