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Greetings clients and friends!  We are so humbled to be able to serve you and your pets.  We have had the opportunity to meet so many kind and generous people in the past few months.  COVID – 19 has affected everyone in so many ways, we are glad we could be here for all of you during this very trying time.  Unfortunately due to the high volume of new residents to Sussex County, we are unable to accept new clients for boarding.  Our boarding service has become limited due to the extreme circumstances brought on by the pandemic.  We have expanded our Daycare service to focus more on everyday care, which has limited our boarding space.  We will not provide Daycare during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we can provide a full boarding service.  These Holidays are American staples, Americans need their families and their time to reflect on each other and the goodness of God.  Make no mistake God is good to us Americans and He deserves our affection and our affection for one another. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your years of patronage.  And I look forward to many more years together.