Speedy Gonzales!

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As a kid I loved Looney Tunes. The Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales were my absolute favorites! Beep Beep! They were so fast always making fun of the villain, who could never catch them frustrating them each time. Cartoons were great fun, you laugh until you cry and be so excited for the next Saturday morning to come.  However, they are fantasy.  As much as we would like to remain an innocent child instead of an accountable adult, that’s just not reality.

As some of you may know there are horses located on the property which serve our most innocent, children. There are dogs training and my precious dogs and clients.  All of these groups are vulnerable of injury if no one is paying attention.  That is why we have posted a 5 MPH sign on several trees along the lane.  Our goal is to prevent an irreversible accident.  All of you, animal and human, are irreplaceable.  I would never want anything to happen to you nor your pet.

That being said; Please Slow Down. If not for others, for yourself, please don’t sow what you are not wanting to reap.  Again we are so happy to serve you and look forward to many more years together.