K9 Influenza

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As of December 1, 2019, we will be requiring the K9 Influenza Vaccine for your dog to stay with us.  As a service provider, our goal is to make sure we are maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your pet.  This is extremely hard work and we gladly do it everyday.  Unfortunately with the increasing effects of weather changes we have seen a variety of viruses at inopportune times.  You personally may have noticed the increase in a cough or sinus infection in humans.  This is just as prevalent in canines.  2018 Delaware alone has documented over 40 inches of rain over the normal rainfall we should experience.  This has created more upper respitory infections in humans and canines.  Since 2015 the Bordatella virus (Kennel Cough) has been documented as mutating, and the number of dogs affected has increased, even though they have been vaccinated against such bugs. The reality of it is there is currently only one vaccination that covers only one form of the mutation, that we are aware of.  It has been a shock to many pet owners to see their dog come down with the cough. It is extremely contagious and easily cured.  Here at Simply At Home Kennel, we do not claim to be Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.  But we do care about the health and spread of viruses to our pets.  We bring our dogs to work to play and socialize with your pets and want our pets to be healthy and happy while in our facility.  With K9 Influenza in mind, we encourage you to please educate yourself with the help of your Veterinarian for the safety of your pet’s future.  We are aware no cases have been documented as of date in Sussex County, but with the increase of adoption dogs and cats crossing into our state to find good loving homes, and with our out of state visitors bringing their fur family with them to vacation, we can never be too cautious and too pro active to prevent the spread of a deadly virus.  We have taken the time to contact the Veterinarians in Sussex County, many of our providers are carrying the vaccination.  We thank you so much for trusting us with your pet and look forward to a long and healthy future with you in mind.