Corona Virus

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Greetings to our friends and clients.  During this trying time we want you to know we are here to serve you and your beloved pets.  We also are concerned about the health of you and your family, along with our staff.  We do not have more than 10 people at a time in our facility, we do have plenty of sanitizer and gloves that we use on a daily basis.  We are fully operational for you and your pets needs. The Dog Taxi is still operational and it is our pleasure to still serve you.  We are honoring President Trumps guidelines and our Governor Carney’s State of Emergency press releases.  We will do our part to ensure the safety of our staff and our beloved clients both human and canine.  We do believe if we do our part we can return to a safe fearless environment filled with health and prosperity.  We are completely compassionate towards those who have had to cancel their vacation plans due to the virus.  And we are so grateful our President and Governor are doing their best to ensure our staff will receive the financial compensation they will need during this time of possible layoffs and financial hardships.  As Americans we have been given time to reflect on what matters most. Our goal is to spread peace and not fear, may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and we look forward to serving you all very soon.